Chaowen Ting conducted the duet “Komm, Frühling!” from Kevin Puts’ Pulitzer Prize-winning opera Silent Night. She did a remarkable job with the many nuances on this stunningly beautiful selection. She was right with the singers all the way, supportive without being too loud, and never calling attention to herself.

~ Gregory Sullivan Isaacs ● Theater Jones ~



She was brilliant… From the first beat, Ting’s conducting style communicated a clear sense of direction for the orchestra and the audience. Ting’s interpretation of the Dvorak [Symphony No.7] took the audience on the rollercoaster of mounting tensions, fleeting moments of ease, and the repetitive plunges back down to the depths of the soul. With Ting as conductor, you could see the musicians of the RPO pushing themselves to give every ounce of musicality that she requested from them. The audience was so absorbed by the last beat that the length of the silence after the final note was the loudest of applause.

~ Paloma Capanna ● Rochester City Newspaper ~



Ting’s musical direction is stylish and clear, and her cast sings with precision under her baton.

~ Rafael de Acha ● Concerto Net ~